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Leica TM30

Angle measurement
The angle measurement system - for horizontal and vertical angles - is a very significant component of the TM30. It must guarantee highly precise and accurate angle measurements under the high speed performance of the direct drives.
Important characteristics and advantages of the Leica TM30 angle measurement are the high measurement frequency - up to 5000 angle measurements per second - and the quadruple angle detection system. 

The angle measurement accuracy of the Leica TM30 is proven and certified by Leica Geosystems’ TPM-2. This Theodolite Test Machine is part of Leica Geosystems’ calibration laboratory for length and angle. The laboratory is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, which belongs to the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs DEA. The standard deviation (1σ) of the TPM-2 angle measurements are 0.018mgon (0.058”) for horizontal angles and 0.028mgon (0.091”) for vertical angles. To test the angle measurement accuracy of the Leica TM30, the horizontal and vertical angle measurements are compared with the measurements of the TPM-2.

The standard deviation is calculated according to ISO 17123-3. For the TS30, the angle measurement accuracy is 0.15mgon (0.5”).