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Leica RC30

Aerial Camera Systems
For decades, the Leica RC series of Aerial Camera Systems has been the number one choice for customers all over the world. These cameras are renowned for their quality and long-term reliability.
The latest model, the RC30, offers two interchangeable lenses with negligible distortion, which reach lens/film resolutions well over 100 lp/mm. Apertures up to f/4 and shutter speeds from 1/100 to 1/1000 per second maximize their applicability. Forward motion compensation produces crystal clear photos at low light levels and altitudes. Additional film cassettes are inexpensive, so prolonged missions are feasible. Other big advantages include the PEM-F automatic exposure control and the flexible data annotation on each photograph. Navigation sights, viewfinders and a wide range of filters complete this solution.
The RC30 can be combined with the PAV30 gyro-stabilized camera mount and the Aerial Survey Control Tool (ASCOT) for a complete aerial survey system.


  • High quality lenses offer the highest resolution
  • Reliable components and outstanding long-term stability
  • Forward motion compensation (FMC)
  • Gyro-stabilized mount available (PAV30)
  • Automatic exposure meter
  • Communication with ASCOT and other systems
  • Data annotation on each photograph
  • Modular design, micro-processor controlled


Leica ASCOT - Aerial Survey Control

ASCOT Aerial Survey Control Tool is a GPS-based flight management system for aerial survey flights. ASCOT includes flight planning, navigation and camera control during flight, GPS raw data recording and post-mission evaluation.

Once you finalize the flight plan (in the office with the FPES software), transfer it to the on-board control computer and link it to the airborne GPS, the ASCOT LCD displays instructions on flying the aircraft during approaches, turns and along the planned flight lines. ASCOT also controls both the gyro-stabilized mount and the camera, including the photo annotation. Outputs include flight reporting and GPS data ready for post-processing or use in triangulation systems.
ASCOT is designed to work with a variety of aerial survey systems, including the RC30 Aerial Film Camera and the PAV30 Gyro-Stabilized Mount.


  • Computer-aided set up of flight lines, photo centers and frame annotation
  • Precise camera triggering
  • GPS-supported navigation, recording of raw GPS phase measurements and data annotation
  • Computer-aided documentation and analysis of photo flights
  • Tools such as RINEX conversion, stationary GPS recording, and sun elevation angle display
  • Dual camera systems and other multi-sensor configurations
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