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Leica Roteo 35WMR

The all-in-one rotating laser
The Leica Roteo 35 impresses everyone with its powerful features and complete set of accessories for every application, especially for interior works. The wall mount bracket allows convenient motorised control of the laser beam height by the combined remote control/detector or by manual adjustment.

All-round perfection on all levels
On ceilings or walls, on the floor or on a tripod, the Leica Roteo 35 rotating laser is a multi-talented performer. You can use it to work precisely on many indoor and outdoor tasks in which leveling or aligning is required.


Extensive know-how in modern design:

  • Fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser
  • Motorized wall mount
  • Removable protective cage
  • Scan modus
  • 90° plumb beam
  • Outstanding battery life for working without interruption


    Installing ceilings and walls
With its motorized wall mount, the Leica Roteo 35 can be positioned on the wall and moved effortless backwards and forwards using the combined remote control/detector unit, allowing you to quickly suspend ceilings and erect drywalls.
    Marking out right angles
The Leica Roteo 35 is also a great help in the vertcal plane. The combination of a vertical 360° reference plane and plumb beam simplifies layout, allowing you to work more accurately and efficiently on interior works.
    Stairs and roof pitches
You can position the laser manually or with the help of the wall mount at any angle between 0° and 90° , allowing you to work without any problems on stairs an roof pitches.

Leica Roteo 35WMR Packages
Art.No. 765752

  • Leica Roteo 35WMR rotating laser
  • Motorized wall mount
  • RRC350 combined remote control/detector unit with clamp
  • 9V-Battery for the combined unit
  • Battery holder for alkaline batteries
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • International charger
  • Red target plate
  • Red laser glasses

Technical Specifications:

Operating range (rotating beam) up to 150 m (500 ft) radius with laser receiver
Self-leveling accuracy ± 3 mm at 30 m (± 1/8” at 100 ft)
Automatic self-leveling laser horizontally, vertically
Self-leveling range ± 4.5°
Rotating speed variable (5-settings)
Battery types D-cell (mono), 2 x 1.5 V
or rechargeable battery pack
Battery life 50 hours (rechargeable)
up to160 hours (alkaline batteries)
Protection class IP 54, dust- and splash-proof

Extended Warranty:

  Register the Leica Roteo 35WMR within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.
to Registration



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