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Leica GNSS Spider Software

Setting the Standard for RTK Networks
Modular and Scalable – For Single Stations and Networks
Leica GNSS Spider is an integrated suite of software for centrally controlling and operating single reference stations or networks of stations. GNSS Spider is modular and scalable with new advanced solutions for long-range high-accuracy Network RTK (SpiderNET) and centralized data distribution. The GNSS Spider Business Center provides powerful access management and reporting with an open interface allowing for efficient accounting for data and services. Become a professional service provider using the best solutions for your needs thanks to GNSS Spider.
For all receivers
Leica System 1200, GMX900 Series receivers and System 500 GNSS receivers are the ideal partners for Leica GNSS Spider and integrate perfectly with the software. Other receivers are also supported.

Build up as you like
With Leica GNSS Spider you only invest in what is necessary for your current needs. As re-quirements change and new services are demanded, it is easy to add extra capabilities or extend your network when additional areas have to be covered. You can build up easily at any speed.

Leica GNSS technology (GPS and GLONASS)
Add additional GLONASS satellites to the world’s best-performing GPS systems. Reduce downtime and benefit from higher productivity – in particular in urban canyons and where trees block the number of visible GPS satellites. Leica Geosystems GPS solutions proven reliability rises to the next level with full GNSS support to deliver unmatched results with SmartTrack+ and SmartCheck+.

Leica GNSS SpiderNet - Moving with the Standard
Using an array of permanently installed reference stations over a region or entire state removes the need to establish local control in the work area and set up temporary field reference receivers. Using Leica GNSS SpiderNET for real-time network analysis and error modeling provides even consistent high accuracy and improved RTK performance over the entire network region, with even larger distances between your reference stations. Network corrections can be provided as based on the standard RTCM V3.1 Master Auxiliary Network correction messages, which are fully integrated in Leica MAX and i-MAX technology.
Together with Leica GNSS SpiderNET continuous network processing and Leica MAX Master Auxiliary corrections, you achieve increased RTK performance and reliability when covering large areas with a minimum number of reference stations – it’s the ideal “Win-Win” situation ! Using Leica SmartStation, your Total Station can even benefit from the latest in GNSS Network RTK technology.

GNSS Services for all applications
With Leica GNSS Spider, it’s easy to use the method or combination of methods that will best satisfy your operational needs. RTK and GIS rovers, construction machines, hydrographic survey vessels and others will be able to operate accurately and efficiently at even longer ranges. Leica GPS Spider provides many different services to the user community, such as real-time services, automated RTK and positioning services, local coordinate datum transformation parameter services and file based services

Spider Business Center’ for the best return on investment
The unique Spider Business Center gives the network provider the tools at hand to manage user accounts and user access according to their business model. There are not only various login methods available, such as Ntrip or by phone number, but also the number of simultaneous connections per account can be easily adjusted. User accounts can be configured to access selected RTK streams, have an expiry date for short-term or trial users, and may even be restricted to certain regions within the network.  Detailed rover access auditing is complemented with individual visualization links of the rover users’ location in Google™ Maps.
Customer information, including access credentials and access log records are key business details. With the ‘Spider Business Center’ being an integral part of the whole solution, all this information is securely managed in a central location.
The Spider Business Center reduces the time required to administrate your RTK network, thus lowering your operation and maintenance costs and allowing you to fully focus on growing your business.

Leica GNSS Spider Positioning - Monitoring natural & man-made structures
Leica GNSS Spider also provides the right tools for real-time GNSS monitoring applications for natural and man-made structures. With its new advanced centralized RTK positioning, cm-level station coordinates can be provided for analysis in real-time. High-performance processing algorithms using Leica legendary SmartCheck technolgy provide accurate and reliable positioning using single-frequency as well as dual-frequency GNSS observations.

Leica GNSS Spider – Takes you to the MAX

  • Versatile, powerful, reliable
  • Modular and fully scalable
  • Reliable and secure
  • For all requirements and applications
  • For single and multiple stations
  • For small and large networks
  • For Post-Processed and RTK Networks
  • For all types of GNSS receivers
  • For all communication methods
  • Easy to install and use
  • Extend and enhance as your needs changeand increase

Spider Business Center

  • Powerful User and RTK Service management
  • Supports various business models
  • Reduced operation costs

Leica SmartRTK: Always in focus
Users of GNSS Reference Station Networks expect their results to be consistent throughout the com-plete Network, but often they’re unaware that virtually computed Reference Stations compromise con-sistency. Only with Leica Geosystems ingenious SmartRTK can you be sure that you’re getting the best performance of your complete GNSS system. Even the new RTCM 3.1 International standard now includes correction data designed by Leica Geosystems to ensure that the results are consistent and traceable anywhere in the network. And the new atmospheric decorrelator technology provides precise positioning in all Networks regardless of the correction data.

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GNSS Spider Architecture

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MAX & i-MAX Technology

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MAX & i-MAX Technology for all applications. Read our White Paper "GPS SpiderNET - Take it to the MAX" for more detailed information (see "Downloads" below).