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Leica Geo Office

GNSS Post Processing
This module processes all types of GPS and GLONASS raw data. One of the main applications is the classical processing of baselines in geodetic control networks.
It is also used for processing kinematic data, especially for “filling in gaps” when RTK coordinates are not available due to breaks in the radio link.

As well as utilizing the integrity checks in the GPS1200 field system, Leica Geo Office post processing allows extended user control over what has to be processed and how it is processed. For routine baseline computations, processing can be set to run fully automatically using default settings. For critical lines or special investigations, processing can be manually controlled, in which case advanced users have ample scope to set parameters and use their own processing scenarios.

Results Manager contains a range of graphical analysis tools and report logs that allow the results to be viewed and examined in depth before they are accepted and stored.


GNSS Post Processing

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