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Leica Zeno GG02 plus

Your Vision: Easy-to-use Mobile GIS
The Leica GG02 plus is the most accurate GNSS/GIS receiver in the market. The new Leica GG02 plus in combination with Leica Zeno Field ensures that any critical features is mapped with highest accuracy. There is no doubt that oil pipelines, gasline, electric cables, but also other information such as cadastral and public works data require at any time cm accurate data.
Reliable and accurate GNSS technology
The Leica Zeno GG02 plus is a flexible GNSS receiver with cm accuracy - both real-time and post-processed. The Leica Zeno GG02 plus combines a high-performance GNSS SmartAntenna with maximum simplicity for the data collection market. In addition, the GG02 plus is suited for area measurement of parcels according to COMMISION REGULATION (EC) No 1122/2009, of 30 November 2009.
  • Built on years of knowledge and experience
  • 72 L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS channels for best-in class tracking behaviour in all environments. The GLONASS option together with the sensitive receiver improves the ability to track enough satellites in obstructed environments.
  • Delivers accurate and reliable results in the networksor the field

Built for the field
Designed for extreme environments - accurate, reliable and light-weight.

  • With IP67 it is built to withstand the most demanding field environments but nevertheless light-weight and compact design
  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Easily exchangeable all-day-battery

Designed for versatile use
Choose the field computer, the field software and the setup (pole or backpack) to suit your workflow and budget.

  • Ready-to-use with Leica Zeno Field and Leica MobileMatriX
  • Ready-to-use with various Leica Geosystems handhelds and tablet computers such as Leica Zeno 10 & Zeno 15, Leica CS10 GIS & CS15 GIS and the Leica CS25
  • Use Leica Zeno Connect to embed custom applications into Leica CS25, Leica Zeno 10 or Zeno 15

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Leica GG02 plus is suited for area measurement of parcels according to COMMISION REGULATION (EC) No 1122/2009, of 30 November 2009.

Leica GG02 plus

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Your Vision: Easy-to-use Mobile GIS
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