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Machine Control

Application Overview
Leica Geosystems offers a smart and integrated range of machine control solutions for the construction market. They are accurate, easy to use, upgradeable and ruggedised, helping you get the job done on time and to budget. Take a look at our range of solutions:
Select the right product for your needs:
Construction Positioning
Leica Geosystems Construction Positioning Systems are designed to provide contractors with intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions for Building Construction and Site Construction positioning work. Offering complete and custom-built solutions for the specific customers’ requirements, Leica Geosystems construction positioning solutions bring significant benefits, helping users to increase their productivity and efficiency in every stage of the project.  more
Digging Solutions
There is a machine control digging solution to suit your changing needs. Move from a Leica Basic Digging System to Leica Geoystems’ level and cross slope solution Leica iCON excavate 31. You can even upgrade to a complete Leica iCON excavate 41 3D solution using TPS and GNSS technology.  more
Grading Solutions
You can start with a Leica Basic Grading System, move to Leica Geosystems’ cross slope, sonic or laser solution Leica iCON grade 32, and then upgrade to a complete Leica iCON grade 42 3D solution using TPS and GNSS technology.  more
Drilling and Piling Solutions
Increase your productivity with Leica Geosystems machine control solutions for drilling & piling. The Leica iCON rig solutions for drilling and piling rigs save a lot of time and cost and make drilling and piling applications much easier. Leica iCON rig can be used with drilling and piling rigs of any size and almost any type.  more
Paving Solutions
Choose from a Leica Basic Paving System such as Moba-Matic or full 3D machine control. There are Leica PaveSmart 3D solutions for Slipform Pavers, Curb & Gutter machines, Trimmers, and Asphalt Paving, developed in close cooperation with, and endorsed by leading paving equipment manufacturers such as WIRTGEN, VOEGELE, GOMACO, and others.

Amico uses Leica Geosystems solution

Amico Infrastructures seamlessly implements Leica Geosystems Machine Control
Amico was looking for a total machine control solution that gave them complete flexibility. By using Leica Geosystems Machine Control and positioning systems, Amico found a customized solution with GPS real-time control and enabling coordination of all sub-trades.
Construction crews at the Herb Gray parkway project were motivated by its easy-of-use and made implementing the innovative technology in this project virtually seamless.
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