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Leica GIS DataPRO

Leica GIS DataPRO GPS/GIS Data Collectors
This GPS office software supports a number of GIS and CAD file formats. Use the GIS DataPRO to import and post process without a dongle device, interpolate reference station data, add, modify and delete reference stations.
Update reference your station database from Leica Geosystems' Web site, create post-processing report log files and much more.
Office software to provide your GIS the best in GPSVersion 3.0: Software support for the GS20 and GS50 GPS receivers.

Leica's GIS DataPRO is a Windows™ based PC software to interface your GPS with your GIS office software. GIS DataPRO offers feature and attribute level controls, GPS post-processing, editing tools, and data export functions, all from an ESRI shapefile format. GIS DataPRO is a comprehensive solution for GIS and CAD users.


Post-processing has never been easier or more flexible. Built on Leica Geosystems’ Ski Pro post-processing engine, GIS DataPRO supports single and dual frequency code and phase post-processing. With a phase processing upgrade, GIS DataPRO and a Leica GPS unit can achieve centimeter-level accuracy. Whether you are a GPS novice or a power user, GIS DataPRO post-processing is flexible and powerful to meet your requirements.

  • Support of Leica GPS and industry standard RINEX data
  • Report generation for documentation and metadata
  • Static and Kinematic Processing ability

Internet Reference Download

Post-process even without your own reference station. By incorporating an easy to use Internet download wizard; you have one button access to download data from your closest GPS reference stations, and best of all, access is free! Using the SOPAC (Scripps orbit and permanent array centers) list of GPS reference stations, you are guaranteed unparalleled quality and reliable GPS reference data.

Bluetooth™ Wireless Data Transfer

In addition to handling removable flash memory and serial cable data transfers from all Leica GPS/GIS receivers, GIS DataPRO supports Bluetooth communication with the Leica GS20 data collector. This means transferring files to and from the GPS without cable or cumbersome docking station hardware.

Define Data Layers with Codelist Management

Define the structure of your geographic data before going into the field with the Codelist Manager. Define GIS data layers as point, line or polygon data and setup the attributes for each. Then create choice lists for fast data collection in the field or define critical attributes as mandatory so they don’t get missed. If you have shapefile data already, create a codelist is as easy as importing a shapefile.

Data Export

GIS DataPRO is shapefile native and generates standard 2D ESRI shapefiles automatically. If you need your data in other formats Leica's export capabilities allow you to export your data to ASCII, AutoCAD™ (DWG and DXF), Microstation™ (DGN), MapInfo™ (MIF), and 3D shapefile formats; guarantying compatibility with most any software. Because DataPRO uses your prototype files for both settings and symbology, your data will automatically be in the format you need.

Features at a Glance

  • Simple Dataflow from Field to Office
  • Native ESRI shapefile format - no export needed
  • SKI PRO post-processing, with available upgrades to phase processing
  • Simple and powerful Internet reference download
  • Export to 3D shapefiles, DWG, DXF, DGN, MIF and ASCII
  • Codelist creation for use with Leica GPS products
  • Raster Image support
  • Waypoint creation and file management for taking your data from the office to the field, for asset management
  • Powerful coordinate systems conversion

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and used by Leica Geosystems under license.

Note: A Service Pack that updates previous installations of GIS DataPRO v3 (builds 316 and 317, and 318) is available for download.  (See the download box on the right side of this page.)

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